Dance with Feeling
Online Video Series

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I purchased "Dance with Feeling videos" which not only reinforced his webinar presentation, but goes into more depth of his presentation. These videos are helping me to reinforce the keeping of timing and interpreting musically of the song . These videos have been well worth the investment for me and I strongly these videos for anyone who wants to get beyond the counting and to learn the timing and musically of the song.

H. Hardy, Connecticut

Definitely check out Joel's online series "Dance With Feeling". It's the only-only-only reference material I've come across to elucidate unequivocally just what the heck it means to dance "on clave." While for me that alone is worth the price of admission, there's more, the series is still growing, and newly-added material will be grandfathered under the original purchase price.)

So here's why I like Joel's classes: an aware and coherent philosophy I can relate to, a dance vocabulary that appeals to me, an overarching vision of technique, an underlying and clearly apparent feel and musicality, consistent execution, and ample, friendly, *efficient* instruction. In my opinion Joel will be a hugely enriching resource along anybody's salsa journey!

Ajit, New York