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"Dance With Feeling Online Video Series"
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All the songs are unique and for that reason you can express yourself differently in every song.

Imagine yourself dancing to a salsa song and you can predict when the music will make a change so that you are able to react to it with a body movement or with your partner.

This is possible if you know the secrets of salsa music. I have been doing this and teaching my students how to dance with feeling from beginners to advanced dancers.

Even by listening and following only one instrument you will be able to dance with feeling, it’s that easy when you know these techniques.

The thing you will appreciate the most about dancing this way, is that you will be dancing all night long!!


Who doesn’t like to dance salsa with someone that keeps the timing without sacrificing the flavor =)


Using the 'Dance With Feeling' method you will be able to start understanding the music in a simple way.

I will show you how to find the beats in the music and to be able to maintain the timing without counting.

I show you step by step in these series of videos so you can get the results you are looking for.

Benefits: Works for any style of Salsa Dancers on1, on2, etc... Instant access from anywhere with a computer and access to internet You will find the first beats of the songs faster and easier You will be able to keep the beat correctly thru the whole song For advanced dancers you will interpret the music on different ways not only with numbers Change from instrument to instrument during the same song without loosing the timing with your partner

Bonuses: Videos of Dance With Feeling Workshop in New York featuring Live Musicians. Get updates and new videos at no extra cost.... Access to live webinars about salsa timing and/or recordings posted in the members area

What Are You Going To Received....!


I purchased "Dance with Feeling videos" which not only reinforced his webinar presentation, but goes into more depth of his presentation. These videos are helping me to reinforce the keeping of timing and interpreting musically of the song . These videos have been well worth the investment for me and I strongly these videos for anyone who wants to get beyond the counting and to learn the timing and musically of the song. "H. Hardy, Connecticut"

Definitely check out Joel's online series "Dance With Feeling". It's the only-only-only reference material I've come across to elucidate unequivocally just what the heck it means to dance "on clave." While for me that alone is worth the price of admission, there's more, the series is still growing, and newly-added material will be grandfathered under the original purchase price.)

So here's why I like Joel's classes: an aware and coherent philosophy I can relate to, a dance vocabulary that appeals to me, an overarching vision of technique, an underlying and clearly apparent feel and musicality, consistent execution, and ample, friendly, *efficient* instruction. In my opinion Joel will be a hugely enriching resource along anybody's salsa journey! "Ajit, New York"

"Dance With Feeling Online Video Series"

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Joel Dominguez "Dance With Feeling"

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